We are adding to our exhibits, (first of all in the Northampton area), all the time.

Currently the exhibits are:
1. Beetle mania – beetles – Abington park museum, Northampton.
2. The Butterfly Tower – Abington park museum, Northampton.
3. Life Underground – worms – South Court Environmental – The Barn at Abington Lodge, Northampton.
4. Birds bills – completed and looking for a host.
5. Birds wings – in production at the moment – looking for a host..
6. Fossils – in production – looking for a host. .

1. Beetle mania – beetles
– at Abington park museum

Abington park museum, Northampton

Abington park museum in Northampton is hosting our first exhibition.
Installation was completed March 2020.

Beetles. They are the most amazing creatures – and viewed up close many rival the beauty of butterflies, and others rival any monster in any film!

Abington park museum, natural history museum, Northampton

The beetle exhibts are a group of four display stands, covering various topics of the lives of these fascinating creatures.

Northampton natural history exhibit
Northampton natural history beetle exhibit
scinatex A natural history exhibit of beetles by scinatex

Stand 1. What makes a beetle a beetle? Life cycle and anatomy.

scinatex A beetle exhibit depicting how to make a beetle home

Stand 2

Beetle variation is huge. The lower section shows how we can make a beetle home, and how they can be a help to us in our gardens.

scinatex A beetle exhibit showing beetle senses

Stand 3

The amazing way that beetles sense their environments.

scinatex A beetle exhibit showing pests and beneficial beetles

Stand 4

Tells of how beetles can be both beneficial, as well as a few being pests.

bamboo weevil specimen  Cyrtotrachelus dux set on bamboo leaves

One of our stars – a bamboo weevil specimen Cyrtotrachelus dux set on bamboo leaves.

2. The Butterfly Tower
– at Abington park museum

The Butterfly Tower is a museum all on its own!

Butterfly tower, Northampton museum
The butterfly tower has now been added to the exhibition at Abington park museum.

Simply the most incredibly beautiful insects.
The Butterfly Tower explores the lives of butterflies and moths.

Prepare for a journey into the world of these flying jewels: a group of invertebrates that are loved by everyone.

Childrens education, Northampton museum
Lepidoptera, Northampton
Butterflies and moths, Northampton

3. Life Underground – worms
– Host is South Court Environmental – The Barn at Abington Lodge, Northampton.

Few of us realise that just as there are different species of birds in our gardens, there are also different species of worms. This little exhibit shows the types of worms that inhabit the different areas of our garden soil.

South court environmental is a Not-for-profit Co-operative that works for wildlife conservation and its diversity by managing wildlife sites.
South court environmentals eight sites are spread across Northampton, each serving its own community, their needs and interests.
It works with and for the local community. Activities include creating and improving wildlife habitats by hedge-laying, water management, the care of old fruit trees, also running courses and social events and much more.

worm exhibit in Northampton Northampton natural history museum
south court environmental, Northampton

As part of their conservation work South court environmental create ponds and other habitats for wildlife on the land that they manage.

4. Birds bills
– exhibit completed – looking for a host.

This exhibit is completed. We just need to find a home for it now where people can access it. It is freestanding, about 1.8m high and 0.6m wide.

Northampton natural history museum bird bills exhibit

5. Birds wings – in production
– looking for a host.

Northampton natural history museum bird wings exhibit