Our very first exhibition is all about a fantastic group of insects – the beetles. They are the most amazing creatures – and viewed up close many rival the beauty of butterflies, and others rival any monster in any film!

The beetle topic is presented as a group of four display stands, each on its own plinth.
Each stand is about 5′ long by 7′ high. As an alternative to the plinth mounted display stands we can make them as a wall hung displays too., or in a smaller format if required.
The plinth is almost bare so that the hosts can use it for their own messages.

Abington park museum in Northampton is hosting our first exhibition.
Installation was completed March 2020.
scinatex a group of beetles of various species on a white background

The beetles exhibition is a group of 4 display stands.

scinatex A natural history exhibit of beetles by scinatex

Stand 1. What makes a beetle a beetle? Life cycle and anatomy.

scinatex A beetle exhibit depicting how to make a beetle home

Stand 2

Beetle variation is huge. The lower section shows how we can make a beetle home, and how they can be a help to us in our gardens.

scinatex A beetle exhibit showing beetle senses

Stand 3

The amazing way that beetles sense their environments.

scinatex A beetle exhibit showing pests and beneficial beetles

Stand 4

Tells of how beetles can be both beneficial, as well as a few being pests.

bamboo weevil specimen  Cyrtotrachelus dux set on bamboo leaves

One of our stars – a bamboo weevil specimen Cyrtotrachelus dux set on bamboo leaves.