We are looking for hosts. If anyone wants to attract more visitors and has under used space, or spare space, or empty premises that they would like to put to good use, or indeed anyone who knows of such a venue. then please contact us.

A museum / exhibition is just the right thing.

Great locations include;

  • Town centres – (empty retail premises, unused office space, unused council premises, libraries and spare library space)
  • Existing museums – both large and small.
  • Shopping centres – in unoccupied units and open spaces.
  • Universities and colleges.
  • Zoos, aquariums, butterfly farms, wildlife trusts, and so on.

The exhibition serves two main purposes, and benefits your town centre / shopping centre / venue etc by being;

  1. informative, engaging, educational, and inspirational,
  2. and by being an an additional attraction to make the best use of empty or under used premises, and to put those spaces to work by broadening visitor experience and so to attract more visitors.

It is an exhibition / set of displays / museum that can be easily set up.

  • You may wish to show as few as 4 display stands (see for example our first exhibition, the Beetle exhibition) or you can have lots more stands covering a greater range of topics. Clearly however the bigger the museum exhibition, the more impact and hence more visits.
  • The stands are easy to move if you wish to do so, and they can be taken apart and put together again. So if you need to, you can easily move the displays around your space.
  • The charge for the museum service varies depending upon length of time, size of displays, and overall size of the exhibition.
  • You may have your own thoughts about a museum display, (local history for example, or a different style and layout), please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Some hosts may use the displays for their a particular purpose – such as for education or as a stand alone attraction. Some may wish to broaden the offering in an existing museum or holiday attraction, or indeed a town centre, to attract more people.

Regardless, we trust that you share our mission to bring more science to people and in particular to help folks reconnect with nature and conservation.


In a time of rapid and complex evolution of our towns, we need to think “radically” about new ideas for our town centres. A museum on the high street will aid the broadening of the town centre offering to include an interesting, informative, and educational way to attract people into our town centres. A destination in its own right.

And no subjects are more interesting to people and children than natural history and the sciences.