Little beasties.

There’s no rush. Borrow for a few days, use them in lessons or free time.

Our Beetle tryptic.

Some great “suitcase sized” displays featuring various insects and mini beasts. They will have the children enthralled. All kids are fascinated by bugs and these will help explain the lives of these fabulous little creatures, and stimulate a greater interest in nature.

They are for free loan to any schools, clubs, groups or societies or other institutions that wish to borrow some or all of them.

a natural history exhibit case by scinatex featuring beetles for education

Each display case has a suitcase handle on top for easy carrying. They are about 3′ long by 2′ high and 3″ deep. They are perfect for tabletop viewing.

So far we have 6 cases made for free loan. More are planned.

  1. Beetles
  2. Beetles
  3. Beetles
  4. Sea life
  5. Plant life
  6. Hymenoptera – bees, wasps, and ants.

Please contact us. if you would like to borrow them.

We also have four fantastic freestanding displays on the subject of Beetles, coleoptera. Being larger these are better suited to medium to long term loan, and hence we are happy to loan them to sites further afield.