We have lots of topics and many exhibits in various stages of preparation – about 25 at the moment. However just ask us if you would like a specific size, or a specific topic made. email info.sciencemuseum@gmail.com

Naturally the more there is on display;

  • the greater an attraction the exhibition will be
  • the further people will travel to see it
  • the more time they will stay

However, a good way for hosts to begin may be to take just a few display stands, and grow from there.

Topics already in planning include:

Beetles I – IV

Butterflies I
Butterflies II
Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants) I
Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants) II
Dragonflies I
Dragonflies II
Camouflage and mimicry

Sea life
Birds – wings and feathers
Birds – beaks and feet
Plants reproduction

Agricultural land use
Do we eat grass? –
The domestication of cereals
Power generation
Pollution – air, land, water, plastics.
The Seas and rivers

The beetle exhibition stands (see “Our first exhibition”) are 5′ long by 7′ high. However we can make them in a variety of formats to suit your space. Plinths are almost bare, so they can be used for hosts own messages.

They can be made as “back to back” displays (which means less space taken up), or scaled down in size to a greater or lesser degree. In addition we can make them as a wall hanging display to take up no floor space whatsoever.

The museum in a suitcase. We can even make them as small as a suitcase, (complete with a carry handle on top), which would suit libraries.

Flexibility to suit your needs, your requirements, and your budget.

Websites. We will make a separate website for each exhibition on behalf of the host.